John Darby Bowman
(Level 2, RefID #4)
Born: 2/24/1919, Bridgeport, Conn.
Died: 9/15/2012, Buckingham's Choice, Adamstown, Md.
Father: John Darby Bowman
Mother: Evelyn Christine Wailes Talbott
Married: Nancy Wheeler Diamond, 5/7/1942
• John Darby Bowman Jr.
• Douglas Byrnne Bowman
• David Wheeler Bowman
Peter Talbott Bowman
Peter Talbott Bowman
John Darby Bowman

Additional Information
Find a Grave entry.
John Bowman marries Nancy Diamond on May 7, 1942.

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Second wedding photo.

From left to right:
The flower girl is Nancy Royce [ now married to a Peter Fenner -her mother was Doris Diamond Royce -Doris was a child of Douglas' brother Carroll Diamond who had gone from Gaithersburg to practice law In New York , married a N.Y. girl ,and both he and his wife died in the 1918 flu epidemic within a few days of each other when Doris was only a child - Doris and her sister Louise visited John and Nancy occasionally after they were married]
Next in line is Betty Minsch, a friend of Nancy's who then lived in Montclair, N.J.
Ellie Ramsdell, now Ellie McNally.
John Darby Bowman,
Nancy Wheeler Diamond,
Evelyn Christine Wailes Talbott (John's Mother),
Douglas Diamond (Nancy's Father),
Carroll Diamond (Douglas' second wife),
J. Darby Bowman (John's Father)

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