Edward Carrell
(Level 7, RefID #162)
Born: November 6, 1765
Died: June 20, 1817
Father: Timothy Carrell
Mother: Mary Clater
Married: Mary Bryne June 4, 1789
Maria E. Carrell
• Edwin Louis Carrell (b. 10/25/1806, d. 6/14/1830)
• Ferdinand (b. 1804)
• Henry Bryne (b. 1799, d. 1832)
• possibly six additional children who died in their infancy.
• John (unconfirmed)
Peter Talbott Bowman
Nancy Wheeler Diamond
Douglas Bryne Diamond
John Bernard Diamond
William Craig Diamond
Maria E. Carrell
Edward Carrell

Additional Information:

The following information comes from a letter from Doris Diamond Royce to John Darby Bowman in 1961 based upon her research to date.