The Bowman Family

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This genealogy presumes that Jessica and Christopher Bowman are at the top of the genealogical ladder.

There are two ways to explore this portion of the site. You can start with the overview of all their relatives, which simply lists all of the names in each of the generations that preceeded them with links to information about each of those individuals. The other choice is to simply start diving in looking at the information for either Pete or Mindy (their parents) and keep drilling in deeper and deeper from there. If you want to start your exploration that way, choose either Pete or Mindy to start with.

By the way, the numbers associated with each name can help you track the actual lineage. A child's father always has a numeric value twice that of the child, and the mother always has a value one greater than her husband. Jessie and Chris are both considered #1 (certainly by their parents). As their father, I am #2 and as mother, Mindy is #3. My father is #4 and my mother is #5. His father, of course, is #8, and his paternal grandfather is #16, and so on, and so on ....

There... that's simple, isn't it? You can click on any underlined name to get more details about that person.

Finally, a few details about the actual kids themselves:

Finally, in the unlikely event that someone outside our immediate family stumbles onto this site and has some contributions to make or questions to ask, please get in touch with me via email at