Thomas Christopher Lee
(Level 1, RefID #6.2)
Born: 10/13/1953 (Wilmington, De.)

Father: Henry Newton Lee, Jr.
Mother: (Gladys) Jane Scarborough
Married: Keri Beth Teel (8/20/1977, Newark, De.)
• Abigail Elizabeth Lee (b. 9/23/1981, Madison, Wi.)
• Richard Henry Lee (b. 7/17/1986, Overland, Mo.)
• Jonathan Teel Lee (b. 8/15/1990, St. Louis, Mo.)
Jonathan Scarborough Lee
Melinda Harding Lee
Not Direct
Brother of Melinda Harding Lee

Additional Information
Keri Beth Teel is the daughter of Merle Russel Teel and Ruth Margaret Bourn.
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