Thomas Lee
(Level 11, RefID #3072)
Born: 1639 (England)
Died: 5/30/1704, Lyme, Ct.
Father: Thomas Lee
Mother: Phoebe Brown
Married: Sarah Kirtland
Thomas Lee
John Lee

Melinda Harding Lee
Henry Newton Lee, Jr.
Henry Newton Lee
Richard William Lee
Henry Stanwood Lee
Christopher H. Lee
Seth Lee
Seth Lee
Elisha Lee
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee

Additional Information
His first wife Sarah (mother of Thomas and John), died on 5/21/1676. Thomas married for a second time to Mary D'Wolfe (b. 10/20/1656, d. 10/24/1724) on 7/13/1676.

Most texts list this Thomas, his mother and 2 sisters arriving in New England in 1641, with his father Thomas dying on the journey.